The Stories of Comics and Stories: Part 5, "F is for Fake"

Submitted by vostoklake on Tue, 09/28/2021 - 23:34
Tricia's artwork for "F is for Fake"

“F is for Fake” was the final track to be recorded, and again, only completed soon before that - the last part was the counterpoint vocal arrangement (shades of the March Violets), without which the song would have not been interesting enough to make the cut for the album.

That said, I’m proud of the stop-time faux-Minimoog solo (recorded live, rather than sequenced, as a point of pride), and was originally composed as an introduction to “No Choice in the Matter” on the Small Group Psychosis album (before we decided for a radically simplified arrangement for that piece). This is the closest I get to expressing Sufi ideas on this album.