This company will return one day

Submitted by vostoklake on Wed, 10/26/2022 - 01:41
Lake Vostok, Antarctica, Russian base

I ran into a supporter of Vostok Lake music at The Sisters of Mercy's gig in Auckland last night, who wanted to know when the band would return to active service. I told him what I'm going to tell you now:

It is bloody hard to organise performances, composition of new material, or even rehearsals, when both members of the group share responsibility for two small children in the house and for making a living. There's also the question of whether the vintage hardware synth + MIDI controller soundscape of the band is what we want to continue with, or whether a drastic change in logistics is required.


However, your very enquiry - as an explicit declaration that there is still interest in Vostok Lake music - has advanced the timetable for the return of the band, be it ever so marginally. If you and others like you want it to happen, and extend goodwill sufficiently, it will. So, thank you.