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  • Listen to Comics and Stories tracks via Bandcamp.

  • A couple of tracks from our 2010 album Small Group Psychosis:
  • CDBaby put all of Small Group Psychosis on YouTube. Feel free to listen to it, but please buy the album (or just give us money) afterwards. "The record industry is based on slavery and theft" - Robert Fripp
  • A selection of tracks from Small Group Psychosis and earlier can be found on our ancient Myspace page. (Ha ha, did you even realise that thing was still going?!?)
  • All tracks from the "Vostok Lake Auxilliary Choir" mini-album, Magical Internet, are available here, courtesy of SoundClick. Soundclick also has the original versions of two of the Anastasia songs - the "facing image" version of "Weekend Witch" and the Undinal Songs version of "Anastasia's Clone" - here.

WARNING! Some Vostok Lake MP3s have been put up on illegal sites which seek to harvest addresses for spammers. We do not oppose free trading of VL music. We do oppose spammers profiting from our work.