The Stories of Comics and Stories: Part 4, "The Dive (entrance and exit)"

Submitted by vostoklake on Thu, 09/23/2021 - 03:58
Tricia's artwork for "The Dive"

In contrast with some of the works dating back decades, other parts of the album were literally completed after recording had already begun. I refer in particular to the decision to attach Tricia’s poem “The Dive” to an instrumental I had written years before (then titled “Theme from Vostok Lake”) which was always intended to book-end the album.

Tricia writes: this began as a spoken-word piece created during a writing class at Toi Ora in Auckland. I think it was performed once or twice in previous versions at an event at St Kevin's Arcade, Karangahape Road, many hears ago. I guess it describes the kind of place that everybody knows, and has been to... it's that anywhere-and-nowhere feeling of vague familiarity, but also strangeness. Also: the places you go back to are never quite the same when you return; always slightly shabbier. It's like recreating what used to be there... and the little ghosts that live in the corners of those places.