The Electric Salon

The Electric Salon was an attempt by Vostok Lake and Scarlett Lashes to build regularly-themed club nights involving electro-pop, burlesque, drag, comedy, and a woman-queer friendly environment. We liked to call it "The Muppets versus The Mighty Boosh in a steel cage". It was a hell of a lot of fun. We might start it again some day.

Some reviews included:

  • “Unpredictable, entertaining and funny night! Well done. In a word, it was saucy.”
  • “That was a seriously trippy experience.”
  • “The most surreal night of my life” – Tim Batt
  • “…the whole night was so perfect!!! Stand Up comic an all… so many people missed such a cool show…. what other gig is as sexy and insane?? None I have seen…” – Jarad Bryant of New Hang Ups


ES 1 poster We had 90+ people through the door at the first instalment. We made a profit and were able to pay performers. This was unprecedented in Auckland indie music.

ES crowd photos We even got papparazzi photos in the local gay newspaper, for heaven's sake!

ES 2 poster

ES 3 poster

ES 4 poster

ES 5 poster