Vostok Lake

Vostok Lake: the words

Vostok Lake takes pride in trying to write lyrics which have a bit of humour and poetry to them. Here is a list of all the original songs by Vostok Lake / Daphne Lawless now available in recorded format (click for lyrics):

  • My Humble Curse
  • No Choice in the Matter
  • Office Work (Is Fucking Boring)
  • Our Mutual Friend
  • The Reason Why
  • Thinner
  • Two Swans
  • Sex in a Decade
  • Small Group Psychosis
  • The Songs of My People
  • Sparks
  • Terror Alert
  • Thank You, Magical Internet
  • Water Music
  • Weekend Witch
  • World Without End
  • Would It Still Be All Right
  • Yonder Lies the Sea
  • Played live but not recorded (yet):
    • Amateur Hour
    • Cut and Run
    • First Wife's Tale
    • Silicon / Silicone
    • Under the Mountain
    • Your Next Show
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